What is myopia and how it is effecting our children.

What is myopia and how it is effecting our children.

What is myopia and how it is effecting our children?

 Myopia is a disorder in eyes which is also known as nearsightedness or short sightedness.

In myopia one can see nearby objects clearly but distant vision becomes blurry. It is increasing in childrens very rapidly and the reasons are a lot.

Myopia happens from excessive growth and elongation of the eyeball due to which light rays of distant objects focuses in front of retina rather than on the retina making the image blurr.

There are lots of other reasons also like if the eye lens becomes thick or it may be genetical also.

So the question arises how would you know that your child is suffering from it and what are precautionary steps that a parent must take to avoid it.

      • Make sure that your child is following good eye care habits from early child hood
      • Now a these days where mobile has become the world for children, outdoor activities of children has come to an end, you will always find children playing on mobile phone. We all know that we can’t stop it to zero but at least we should give them a limit that they can’t use mobile more than 1 hour a day and they have to spend at least 2 hours spending playing outdoor games like football, cricket, badminton etc.
      • Don’t always stick to books in school also, at lunch time or sports period go out and have fun.
      • Keep in mind one thing that there should be very good light when you are studying. Studying in dim lights or low lights puts extra burden on eyes.
      • Keep a distance of at least 35cm from books while studying.
      • Don’t study in a driving vehicle and also don’t lie down while studying.
      • Watch TV at least 10 feet away.
      • You can also switch to audio books.
      • Consult your eye doctor every six months and get some tips on eye exercises
      • Keep an eye on your children that they are taking some breaks during study I mean they should not study long hours like they are sitting 3-4 hours without taking any break.


      • Blurry vision for far objects
      • If you are putting extra pressure frequently to see distant objects
      • Continiously squint
      • Will always sit closer to the television/monitor, movie screen or the front of the classroom
      • Seem to be unaware of distant objects
      • Blink excessively

How we can treat it?

spectacles or contact lens helps to make  distant objects into clear focus so that child should be able to see well in each eye without putting extra efforts.

surgical procedure that thins the cornea (the transparent front layer of the eye) is known as LASIK. Its like creating a permanent contact lens on the cornea to bring instant images into focus. LASIK is a cosmetic and not a curative treatment, as the eye is still elongated retaining the same risk of retinal detachment, macular degeneration, etc., even after LASIK.

The change is irreversible once the eyeball elongates,. Therefore, prevention of myopia and delaying its progression early in life are important steps in curing of myopia and its bad effects.

Encourage child to adopt good eye care habits from early age to ensure that your child does not become a victim of myopia, There are extensive studies and good evidence on eye drops (e.g. atropine) to slow down the myopia progression. Ask your doctor about the latest advances in the field and what is suitable for your child.

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