Tips to Become Healthy and Happy

Tips to Become Healthy and Happy

Its not a rocket science. First you need to understand that every human body is different and it has different requirements. Every human body has different vitamin, nutrition, calorie, carbohydrates and all other levels.

its not mandatory that if, Mr. A needs to eat 4 eggs, 2 apples 2 glasses of juice in order to complete his daily requirements of his/her body then its not necessary that Mr b. also needs the same thing in order to complete the requirements of his or her body.

That’s what I wanna make you guys understand that everybody has a different body and requirements. A single health rule is not applicable for all of the universe so first see what your body demands get all your health reports and then start working on your body for ex: if someone is suffering from diabetes and he/she does not know about it and that person starts eating sweet things to get calorie or any other thing then it’s a curse for that person so go and get your body checked and then make your steps in the right direction.

But still there are certain things which are good for every one which has no side effects and everyone should do these things in daily routine life. These are general things

Lets start:
First: Always drink water 30mins before any meal it really helps to digest food very easily. Keep in mind don’t drink water during meal and just after having your meal atleast wait for 1 hour after meal. It produces such acids which are very helpful in digestion of food.

Best Advice: Always try to drink lukewarm water as it helps in digestion and also acts as a fat cutter.
Everybody knows that our body consists of 70% of fluids. So 8 glasses of lukewarm water everyday increases our metabolism.

                                        Eat right at the right time.
Always eat something in very first hour when you wake up my friend. When you wake up your metabolism is very low and to re-energize body we must fuel it up by having some light but high energy foods like almonds, cashew, brown bread with peanut butter, oatmeal bowl, boiled eggs without yolk etc.
Strictly keep in mind one thing, don’t make your mind a slave for food don’t always think about it.
Don’t starve yourself and Don’t overeat specially in nights

Tips to Become Healthy and Happy
Tips to Become Healthy and Happy

Timings of your breakfast, lunch and dinner should be fixed. Think about one thing you have a fixed time of 9:00am to report at office then you have lunch time around 1:00 pm leave at 6:00 or 7:00 pm what would happen if you reach office at 11 am and then leave at 4pm and then take your lunch at 6 pm and do it for a week only what would happen you will be fired from the company.

So if you want to loose weight visit here

How to loose weight

So always live a disciplined life in every aspect eat right at right time and your time should be fixed so that your body could feel relax.
Keep your stomach empty (fasting) for a whole day in every 15 days, just drink water on that day it’s a great detoxifier and it removes toxins but the people who are suffering from stomach problem or diabetes problem or gastric problems should not do this as i said “different body different requirements”.

Sweat (your goal for the whole life).

Sweat as much as you can by working on your body, jogg run do exercise, do yoga, do pranayam means make your body work hard push yourself let your muscles work.
Sweating opens up the pores of the body and then your skin breathes and you feel like king.
If you want to remain fit you have to exercise my friend without it you can’t keep yourself healthy and that’s a thumb rule, no diet no doctor can help you out. Its your decision now.

Ex: suppose if you eat food and don’t go to pass your stool what would happen your stomach will burst soon, same thing happens if you eat and don’t workout you don’t sweat the toxins will start piling up in your body and you know what the hell toxins are so just work hard kick the bloody toxins out of your body.

15 min jog, some pushups, some stretching, deep breathing, some exercise and you are a healthy and happy men. Enjoy now.

Alright still its difficult for you, allow me (Harsh Kashyap) to solve your problem.

In a year we have 365 days or 52 weeks.
Start with a single push up in a set and do 3 sets not more than that not less that follow this strictly.
Then do this for a week and then next week just make 2 push-ups in a set, so next week you will be doing 3 sets of 2 push-ups and then third week make it 3 push-ups i.e. 3 sets of 3 push-ups.
Could you imagine what would happen when you will complete one year, 3 sets of 52 push-ups each. Wow
Apply this rule in every aspect of life give a slow start.

What and when should you eat?

First of all eat what makes you healthy and happy at same time. Things which you eat halfheartedly are not going to make you healthy.

Tips to Become Healthy and Happy
Tips to Become Healthy and Happy

Eat with happiness.

Don’t eat too heavy in single meal. That does not mean to starve look keep a balance, you know better than me about yourself. So when you need to stop you know it my buddy. Rule is, not too heavy and not to starve.
Prefer nature over supplements, look the nature is mother of all products when nature has all essentials then why go for artificial. Suppose you need protein, a lot of people will suggest you to go for protein powder but according to me why.

Ask a simple question to yourself why powder why not pea nuts why not soyabean why not black chick peas why not sprouted grains and pulses, why not sweet corn why not broccoli its endless go in the market and search.
Remove refined wheat flour from your diet and house right now. There is lot of difference between wheat flour and refined wheat flour(maida). Wheat flour is a good thing in diet but refined wheat flour is not worth. Food made up of refined wheat flour is not easily digestible like bunns in burgers. So always use whole meal flour.

1 hr after wake up Breakfast B/W breakfast & lunch (keep it very light it is just to kill starvness) Lunch B/W lunch & Dinner (keep it very light it is just to kill starvness) Dinner: 3 hrs before sleep
Sprouted grains oatmeal Apple slices Chapatti with cereals with buttermilk Cookies Salad 
Almonds A bowl of fruits Cucumber Brown Rice with vegetables or some gravy Baked peas Salad
Cashew Multigrain bread with peanut butter Cantaloupe Dosa Baked cereals Salad
Over night wet black chick peas Poha, idli, uttpam Green salad Tuna fish Baked grains Salad
Over night wet soyabean An omlete Black chocolate A cucumber Salad
A banana Porridge Baked chips (potato, apple, banana) Potato chips Salad

 These are just ideas you can adjust according to your country and diet plan.

Relax and sleep:

I want to work hard for that I need to reduce sleep hours, I can’t relax I have to work work and work to be on top : stop this bull shit right now.

Work hard does not mean to skip meals, reduce sleep hours or work for 16-18 hours a day if you are doing all this trust me its hampering your whole body. You can’t run a car for 16 continuous hours even if it’s a machine then how could you.

You are making hampering your body making your mind restless that means you can’t take a right decision. look friends you really need a fit and healthy body to work hard.

So sit and relax take atleast 6-7 hours of sleep then wake up don’t touch your phone throw it away just sit take 10 deep breaths focus on yourself activate your energy control your mind.  After 30 minutes you will feel on the top of this world and then start your daily activities. Do yoga, yoga is the best activity of your life, just try this for a month you yourself will see the difference.

So what I tried to say in this article is take small steps towards healthy and happy life, the above mentioned things are not tough my friend its your life take care of it, all other things are secondary if you are healthy and happy everything is yours but if you are not even billions and rolls Royce cant make you happy.

Kindly comment and give your suggestions whether you like this article or not your comments and suggestios are my hard earnings which will push me to write better then the earlier one.

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