How to prepare for board exams.

How to prepare for board exams.

How to prepare for board exams?

How to prepare for board exams
How to prepare for board exams

Exam season has come along with winters. Students are confused how to prepare for the exams with the right strategy because at this point of time we cant take any risk with any experiment just two months have left so you have to be accurate in your strategy. So we have tried here to help students in this article that how to prepare for exams in this session and how to deal with stress.

First question raises that is it possible to prepare in just two months.

Look guys impossible is nothing well I would say yes we can prepare in these two months but its not possible that you start from scratch and try for 85% then. These two months can increase your marks by 20% – 30% but you need to be really hardworking in these two months.

What to do in these two months for the best preparation?

  • Don’t just mug up clear your basics once the basics are clear the whole content whole theory will become clear to you and that’s a win win situation.
  • Compare notes from at least four students who are your real friend and then prepare the best one and also take help of our teachers.
  • Now you know that you have less time for study and revision also, so you have to do both, manage your time in such a way that you devote some time for study and some time for revision.
  • Make 70-30 ratio 70% of your study time in learning and 30% in revision.
  • Focus on solving question papers of last 10 years which acts as a catalyst in your project of studying.
  • Try to do some yoga and meditation it will teach your mind to focus on studies.
  • Stay calm because a calm mind can capture things easily and a mind in hurry and fear will make you forget any thing. Hurry and fear always take you to negative side.
  • Switch off your mobile and pack that in your wardrobe for next two months guys we all know mobile is the biggest distractor in your life so whenever you feel like you need to do something which requires your complete attention at that time try to avoid mobile.

Which is the right way for preparation short term or long term?

You need to study each and every day it will not pile up books on you and there is a saying also “slow and steady wins the race”. There is no such thing like short term study it is for those students who have not studied whole year and just want passing marks because no short term study can fetch you 90% marks.

Tuitions and coaching classes are helpful in study but the best way to study is self study because  self study makes you understand where you are good at and where are you lacking  so you can make a strategy according to that.

Make your time and work table, its not mandatory that you have to study 18 hours a day. Make a chart and mark topics and subjects in which you are strong and what are your weak points. Devote some extra time for your weaknesses and make a habit of every day study.

Yes there are examples where students have been find saying that they just studied 4 hours a day but it was continuous from the very first day and they were toppers.

Does crash course helps in increasing knowledge?

Crash courses are meant for those students who have not studied whole year and just need passing marks, but if you have taken board seriously and did the study from starting you need not any crash courses, just take help for those topics which are troubling you.  


   Role of test papers in last two months?

Solve test papers as much as you can, it lets you know that how much time are you taking to solve a 3 hr question paper.  you have to generate a habit that you solve a question paper in just 2 hours and 40 minutes so that you can get 20 mins for the revision and this kind of habit is only possible by practicing question papers every day in last two months.

Solving test papers makes you understand how to make strategy to solve your question paper I mean you can make up your mind that which section or part to solve first and so on.

Keep a group study session in every three days with 4-5 students not more that that because more students will just end up wasting time in arguing and gossiping.

How to prepare for board exams
How to prepare for board exams

You need to understand one more thing that you have just two months left and it’s a crucial time so group study is for solving your queries not gossiping.

Always make friends of like minded people, for ex: you are a student who is aiming at 90% bench mark and you are studying with a friend who aims to get just passed so these kind of guys will just distract you.

That’s why I said make friends those who have same aim like yours they should motivate you not demotivate and it will be totally your decision no other person can help you in this.

So take care of these small steps and it surely will help you to make an strategy how to prepare in these two months.

Best  of luck everyone for your exams

How to get information about competitive exams?

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