Man Who Crossed Antartica Alone

Man Who Crossed Antartica Alone

Man who crossed Antartica alone without any help Really Amazing:  Cloin o’ brady”.

  • Covered 1600 kms in 54days
  • 180 kgs necessary goods were kept along
  • Average temperature of Antarctica is around -49 degree Celsius

33 years old Colin o’ Brady from America has become the first  person ever to cross Antarctica  without taking any help.

 This journey took 54 days to cover 1600kms to cross this ice covered continent.

In 1996-97 Borge Ousland from Norway became the first person to cross Antarctica alone but he  took help of flying kites to know the direction of wind.

In 2016 a British army lieutenant col. Henry Warsley was trying to cross the south pole alone but he died during his journey.

An instagram post by o brady says “when I was leaving for last target there was a question in his mind that if I could clear the rest journey in one go or not and then I tied the shoe laces and went on my journey”.

man who crossed antartica

He also mentioned that last 32 hours were most challenging and those moments were really the best ones of my life but my eyes were on my aim everytime.

According to his live tracking map, O’Brady reached his finish line on the Ross Ice Shelf on Wednesday December 26.

Hats off to this great will power

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