How to make money online in easy and ethical ways.

How to make money online in easy and ethical ways.

Simple ways to make money online.

How to make money online in easy
How to make money online in easy

10-15 years ago you need to be specialized in some skills you must have a degree, you must be really something to earn your bread and butter because at that time we didn’t have enough opportunities but now the things have changed you have a open market of 7000 million people and 70% of them are in your reach, no special skills required just need an interest, and a zeal to achieve success.

Writing  an article(Blogs):

How to make money online in easy
How to make money online in easy

Ask yourself which is that one thing which you can talk about hours, it could be any thing any product, bikes, cars, cooking, sports, education politics it can be any thing any product. Blogs are platform on which you can write an article about any thing and mind it that any means any. Just choose your interest, start writing the best that you can and publish it on your website. Websites now a these days have become very cheap and user friendly some of the platforms are wordpress, wix etc and you have other platforms where guest blogging is allowed like blog spot,  quora , tumbler, medium and livelife-healthy etc.

No body can stop your blog to become a successful property just keep two things in mind first never copy any content from any where be its google or any other form because if google finds that your content is copied they will not run any ads on your blog and also they will not rank you in google. Although you can take inspirations from other articles and blogs. Second thing is that choose your niche according to your best interest and best hobby.  When you do things as per your interest the best comes out of you. Internet has the power to convert your hobby into your Ferrari.

Once you have 8-10 articles start sharing them to your friends, facebook, instagram, linkedin, whatsapp  groups and on other social networks and then see the magic.

Apply for google adsense and if you have the original content in your articles and little traffic it will be approved by google and then you will get the ads  from google to show on your articles and also google will pay you some amount on every click. Just check on google and you tube how blogging has changed the life of millions of people. For ex: neil patel, shoutme loud etc.


How to make money online in easy
How to make money online in easy

Youtube is a platform provided by google where you can create an account and post videos. It is the easiest way to increase your followers and make money. As we discussed above about writing an article and then you will post it and then people will read it, for some people it looks little bit boring (excusers).

Youtube is for them, watching video is much more interesting. You know that speaking is always easy then writing. Again the same rule follows which we followed in blogging.  You need to choose a niche according to your interest or hobby again it can be any thing cooking, sports, politics, education, news, any product, again I am saying any thing means any thing any product any service. just make a video and post it.

Examples: suppose you are a lady and you have good cooking hand just make a video of yourself cooking something and post it.

Once you have posted some videos then apply for adsense and after getting the approval you will get the ads from google and then enjoy the money.

Affiliate marketing:

You can simplfy this term by saying referral marketing. Lets make it more clear suppose your friend has a shop of some products and you make a deal with him that you will refer his products to people and if people buys his product then the shop owner will pay him some commission.

Affiliate works on same formula on online platforms. Big companies like amazon, flipkart, e-bay, alibaba private banks and the list is pretty long, offers affiliate marketing. Just go on their website and login into affiliate marketing and post their products on your website, facebook pages, instagram pages, twiiter and when someone buys that product by clicking on that link which you have posted. You will get the commission.

There is a guy in INDIA Kunal Chaudhary who is owner of a Digital Marketing school called DSIM, he makes 282174.00 USD every year through affiliate marketing. And also he posts his income on youtube also.

You can use social media pages for this kind of marketing here you don’t need to invest any thing it’s a win win situation.


How to make money online in easy
How to make money online in easy

Freelancing means work from home, if you have good writing skills, online marketing skills, online tutors etc. Big companies, small and medium ventures and lots of other businesses prefer freelancers over a regular employee.

If we talk about content writing, freelancers hold major stakes than regular employees. So if you are a bit creative and have the ability to deliver what  a client demands you can join some platforms like freelancer, upwork, fiverr etc.

On these platforms just upload your skills and every certifications and client list that you have and how will you charge. People who has some requirements comes on these plattforms and chooses free lancers.

But you need to to be accurate, provide best quality and timely delivery because you will get the review for your job done and a good review is like cheery on the cake.

Online polls and surveys:

If you have good  traffic on your website and followers on facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin you can run surveys for companies. Marketing companies, researchers, brand promotion companies are totally based on the surveys because according to the surveys they make their strategies.

And there are number  of companies which offers online polls and surveys for which they need freelancers. So if you think that you have enough traffic  and the right strategies to conduct a survey just go out and make a contact with marketing and research companies and enjoy the money meal.

Apart from all above you can start your online coaching classes about education, cooking, yoga etc by making a mobile app or thru website or facebook page or any other social media page.

So my friend the point is that you have enormous opportunity when it comes to do any online work. Internet is the platform where your hobby makes money for you. You don’t need to have a degree here and these  platforms are open for everyone. And the most interesting part is that you can target whole world sitting at your home. And if you are lacking somewhere in terms of knowledge, platforms like you tube and google will help you to kick off that weakness also.

Have you heard about Bitcoin if yes you know the power of internet that they made a currency online which does not exists anywhere and the people are buying it and it has made some billioners also.

If some body today says that he is unemployed due to any bla bla reason. The first thing that comes to my mind is that the person is lazy, excuser and he is not willing to do any work he wants free bread.

Internet has changed the life of billions who were not great before they were on internet. They just put their hobby on right platform and they are enjoying the real life. And you have the proofs online.

Kindly comment and give your suggestions whether you like this article or not your comments and suggestios are my hard earnings which will push me to write better then the earlier one.

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