How to deal with stress in life

How to deal with stress in life

How to deal with stress in life. Is it really tough the way we think.

Stress a 5 letter word has been entered in everybody life however proportions are different but it exists in every part of this world and in every human being also.

What are the reasons that we have everything, we are technically strong everything is on our fingers still we are busy still we have stress whyyyyyyyyyy? So let’s try to find out the reasons and also the solutions.

Try to avoid Social Media:

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, linkedin etc, these platforms were built to help you to connect with people, to make friends, to chat with those friends who are far away from you. But are we really using them for the same purpose ask yourself.

No they have become more important than the people whom we live with.

A status update, a selfie, has become priority work for us.

Do you know that a person wastes 2-3 hours on social media everyday.

True story of mine: A reunion party of college friends after 10 years everybody meets, we all sat together enjoying drinks and food and jokes for the first hour but what happened after that was horrible some were busy on phone to check their social accounts checking who has posted what, some were checking e-mails some were few feets away answering business calls and a common question was coming from everywhere “ anything new in life, whatsup, whats happening” then I realized this was the moment everybody was waiting for 2 months .
And all the happiness was uttered by social media.

This was the moment to enjoy and it was ruined by social media. Most of the peoples do what when they are sitting idle now a day they don’t go to a friend to enjoy they don’t sit with their family to chat. You will find them in their room in a corner using their thumb over their phone and sliding it upwards.

Its all negative it makes you lazy and negative and pessimist.

How to deal with stress in life
How to deal with stress in life

  social media is not bad our addiction is bad.

 Just decide to donate 30 minutes of social media and do whatever you want to do in that 30 minutes surf, chat ,status update, selfie update. Remove all social media apps from your phone so that you don’t get distracted in routine day to day work. Use this 30 min on your laptop or desktop.

First thing that we do when we wake up, we check our phone, the social media messages and updates. To ruin that beautiful 1 hour.

Wake up don’t touch your phone sit relax take deep breath close your eyes focus on your breaths focus on yourself. Let your mind relax concentrate on yourself do it for 30 minutes then do some exercise like jogging, pushups, gym go to nearby park and then sit relax and try to see the beautiful things around you. Talk to yourself about your problems try to find their solutions, make yourself understand that you are yours best friend and you have the ability to fight from every problem.

Trust me by trying this for few weeks you will find that you are the best problem solver because the solution of your problem lies in you. Only you have the ability to solve it. Just talk to yourself for 15 minutes a day and deal stress like a peanut.

Eat right: Have healthy and natural meals don’t opt for junk and preservative foods you are smart my friend you know the bad effects of junk food you know that if you are preserving something you are hampering the vitamins nutrients etc. of that stuff, always try to eat fresh food. Right food habits really has the ability to help you in dealing with stress.

Right food habits.

Drink less (Alchol): I wouldn’t say to quit it because if it is taken in adequate amount it is helpful to body so always try to be in limits and it can be a stress buster.

Quit smoking
Quit it now I don’t know how will you do it but quit it right now. It creates anxiety and irritability. If I will start I have thousand bad effects of cigarettes for ex: cancer and lungs problem, but I don’t want to waste your time, everybody knows the killing effects of cigratte.

Sit with friends and family :  Enjoy light moments with them share yourself with them discuss with them.

Do one activity for 1 hour a single week only, dedicate your one complete one hour with your family and friends without your mobile phone and then see the difference and send me what you felt at

I must tell you what you will feel: you will fell light, relaxed and happy share your thoughts, feelings whether they are good or bad, your plans, spend some time with them.

We share on whats app ,facebook, instagram and so on what we get is likes does these likes really makes us happy or if you share with your friends and family they will give you real happiness.

                                                 Yoga and Pranayam

Real vitamins and proteins to distress your life : These two methods which were developed in INDIA long back are now appreciated by the world.

These methods really have the capabilities to soothen your mind to relax your mind. Stress is in the mind of everybody and these methods are the best free medicines and therapies of this world to deal with stress.

If you want to try kindly go on for better experience, learn some yoga and pranayam, apply for a month and see the difference.

How to deal with stress in life
How to deal with stress in life

Relax, focus and don’t get distracted;
Don’t show hurry in anything it’s a devils work to show hurry you are not going to streamline things in hurry, a mind in hurry can’t take right decisions. So sit, relax write down your priorities, every work every task is not a priority. Schedule your day in a relax mood focus on one thing at a time

If you and your mind is working on multiple tasks or say multiple directions what do you think where would you reach you will end up cursing yourself. you could not complete a single task completely and perfectly.

Make this thing a rule to focus on a single task at a time.

Task could be anything like if you are talking to someone just stay focused on that person I assure you that you will finish the conversion of 10 minutes in just 5 minutes more than that you will find it saved your time and an efficient output will come out.

Don’t talk about others whether its negative or positive just let them do what they are doing , if they are doing good clap for them if they are doing something bad ignore them don’t waste your precious time on others spent it on yourself

So my point is focus on one thing at a time you will find new productivity levels. Distraction is the major cause of inefficient productivity which leads to stress.

Thanks to all I was just trying to say that don’t be slave of technology, spend time with family and friends, talk to yourself , do yoga and pranayam, stay focused do one job at a time don’t get distracted.

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