How to Be Successful in Life

How to Be Successful in Life

Success for those who has not tasted it yet is like meeting with god. However the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is not big & vast. These are some small things which successful people care about and unsuccessful people don’t care about.

Focused mind: you really need to understand everything every emotion every power every decision lies in mind.
Mind has the power to rule the world and human has proved that. Mind demands to focus on one thing at a time, but are we doing that, while studying we think about going out, we are in a meeting for a product but another project is also running in our mind, this distraction is in each and every person studying childrens, employees, business man, even people who are doing nothing in life.

Distraction is like venom which is killing your goal everyday by taking you away from it and one day you will say this thing is not possible and that’s the end of your success and those people who are focused in life are the 2% of this world and the whole world knows who they are.

I can give you a simple example, just sit in your car switch on the ignition and try to run car in 3 directions at a same time what do you think what would happen would you reach somewhere. No. you wouldn’t be able to move an inch.

To reach some where you need to run the car in a single direction at a time. And that is the same condition for our mind if you think about 4 things at a time you will end up doing nothing just focus on one thing at a time.



How to Be Successful in Life
How to Be Successful in Life

Some day you wake up to become an entrepreneur, then after some day you choose to be an digital marketer, after some days you want to become a blogger this kind of behavior suggest that you don’t have clear goal you are puzzled.

You have decided to become something and you don’t want to live a common life, find your passion, find that thing which you love the most and you can end up giving 15-16 hours a day without any complaints just look into yourself and find that passion. Don’t judge your passion according to others.

I meant to say if somebody is doing something and he is making much better than you don’t try to copy his passion because its his passion what he is doing he is following his passion that’s why he has achieved something. You need to follow yours and make sure that you will not sit relax until you achieve your goal.


How to Be Successful in Life
How to Be Successful in Life

Success is not a candy which anyone can buy and taste. you have to sweat, sleepless nights, insults, stress, pressure sometimes it happens you even don’t find a way how to move forward.
Life is a game of surprises that god plays with us you don’t know what the next surprise is, is it good or bad. Don’t work 7-8 hours a day and 5 days a week it is done by common people.

You have to work 14-16 hours a day and every day of the week also with a clear goal and focused mind. Push yourself in every aspect of life like if you wake up at 6 am try to wake at 5:45 am if you don’t go to park start going, if you do 20 pushups make it 25, I wanna say try to push hard in every moment. practice to push hard because this world knows practice makes a man perfect so practice of achieving a bit more than the last one is like nectar for your success.

Think about Michael Jordan he was thrown out of his school basket ball team because he was not a good player of basket ball but the habit of pushing hard and one focused goal in mind he achieved the best basket ball player award.



How to Be Successful in Life
How to Be Successful in Life

Types of people you will face.
(A) One who don’t try and fail.
(B) One who try and fail.
(C) One who try till the time he achieve success.

The major reason why Mr A and Mr B failed because they gives the power to third party whether they will find the success or not. Mr A and Mr B are surrounded by people who talks like:

1. It’s not possible it has never been done before.

2. I tried it 3-4 times but practically it’s not possible. I have more experience then you and I failed so how could you pass.

3. It’s very risky and 90% chances are that you will fail.

4. Why don’t you try to find a more realistic idea for business.( bla bla bla bla bla bla).

Make a circle of likeminded people it’s not easy but it’s not hard also they will help you be positive and that’s what you want positivity for your goals. You are god of your idea no one should dictate you to what to do or what not to do in order to achieve your goals. You need to decide what your plans are, talk to yourself make yourself understand to remain positive every single day.

We all are familiar with name called ELON MUSK what he did was amazing , I mean who could think to send a ship in space like a traveler plane and then land it back to earth. Population of earth is 7000 million and in starting only he was ready one person against 7000 million people and still he was positive and he did it, that’s the power of positivity.


How to Be Successful in Life
How to Be Successful in Life

WHEN WE SAY Meditation we always think about doing yoga and pranayam and chanting om but according to me its not like that meditation is something to programme your mind for a special task. In meditation you need to sit make your mind relax put your mind in a single direction and tell your mind to get trained for a special task by meditation you become the boss of your mind. So if you have some goals sit in silence talk to your mind to focus on that goal only, that is called meditation. Once your mind is programmed for a particular goal then I don’t find a single hurdle which can stop you from achieving that goal.

Invest on humans to make them grow, try to uplift others become a reason of growth for others you will find yourself growing. It’s a simple rule if others are growing because of you, they will make you grow. You will get the crop of same seed.
In simple words you need to talk to yourself to find out your solutions share your growth chart with yourself try to find out where are you lacking trust no other person can do it for you only you can do this honestly.

Always be positive, push hard, meditate, have crystal clear goals and success is yours and enjoy the rest of life like a king.

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